Gymkhana’s Three Common Events

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Tom Redmond founded Aussie, a world-renowned hair care company, in 1979. The success of Aussie has allowed Tom Redmond to pursue other business ventures, including a Colorado-based ranch, where he breeds Arabian and half-Arabian horses to participate in equine shows. He’s also a regular supporter of the Wet Mountain Saddle Club, which hosts gymkhana competitions throughout the summer.

Gymkhana is a speed- and precision-based equestrian event in which children or people still learning the sport often participate. It can feature a variety of different activities, including the following three.

Pole bending: A rider trains his or her horse to obey leg aids and rein while navigating through a six pole course. The height of the poles should be 6 feet, and spaced 21 feet apart. A five second penalty is given to riders who miss a pole.

Barrel racing: Similar to pole bending, the horse and rider must work together to complete tight turns around three barrels placed in a clover-leaf pattern. A five second penalty is given to riders who knock down a barrel.

Keyhole race: Emphasizing close-quarter movements, the rider must rein his or her horse through a tightly marked keyhole design on the ground, completing a full 360 degree turn and galloping back to the start/finish. Contestants are disqualified for failing to stay within the 20-foot diameter of the keyhole.


Hosanna! Church – On International and Domestic Missions

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Hosanna! Church

Having founded the Aussie brand of salon products, Tom Redmond now serves as president of Onesta Hair Care in Edina, Minnesota. Tom Redmond’s philanthropic activities include contributions to the ministerial activities of the Hosanna! Church in Lakeville and Shakopee, Minnesota.

These Lutheran congregations engage in a number of outreach ministries to benefit those in need locally and internationally:

Hosanna! Emergency Action Response Teams (HEART) offer assistance during times of natural disaster to those who are impacted. The church also works with outside agencies in the Twin Cities area.

The Hands of Freedom program in India assists persons who live in poverty. Local churches are empowered to be a center of spiritual, economic, and cultural redevelopment. Hands of Freedom encourages leadership skills among new pastors and members.

Training centers in Ethiopia, sponsored by the church, teach Christian values to local law enforcement and develop businesses to help those in need create income. It also finds sources to provide fresh drinking water.

Hosanna! Church Sponsors Mission Trip to Ecuador

Hosanna! Church Sponsors Mission Trip to Ecuador pic

Hosanna! Church Sponsors Mission Trip to Ecuador

Tom Redmond founded the Aussie shampoo brand in 1979, which Procter & Gamble Co. purchased in 2004. Active within his community, Aussie founder Tom Redmond donates to individuals on mission trips through the Hosanna! Church in Lakeville, Minnesota.

With its first worship service taking part in the gymnasium at Orchard Lake Elementary School in 1980, the Hosanna! Church purchased land in Lakeville in 1992. It opened a second campus in nearby Shakopee in 2014. The Hosanna! Church maintains membership with the Alliance of Renewal Churches (ARC) and the Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC).

One of the trips sponsored by the Hosanna! Church is its IMPACT Trip to Ecuador where individuals meet with orphans. Scheduled for October 22 through 29, this week-long trip gives people a chance to work alongside missionaries Denise and Oswaldo Pineiros and their orphan ministry. For approximately $2,600 through $2,900, individuals will share Bible stories, make crafts, and play games with the orphans. They also have an opportunity to travel to several orphanages. Those interested must be 12 and over with a parent or 17 and over without a parent.

Hooray for Hollywood Murder Mystery to Raise Funds for the WCPA

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Westcliffe Center for Performing Arts

Aussie founder Tom Redmond launched the company’s first product in 1980 and is currently pursuing a business venture with Onesta Hair Care in Edina, Minnesota. Outside his business ventures with Aussie, Onesta, and other firms in the hair care market, Tom Redmond maintains the Wolf Spring Ranches in Colorado and donates to the Westcliffe Center for Performing Arts (WCPA). The WCPA is preparing for the Hooray for Hollywood: A Fundraiser in August.

WCPA’s Hooray for Hollywood fundraiser serves to raise funds for WCPA and Historic Jones Theater programs and productions in order to cover expenses not covered by normal ticket sales. The fundraiser will feature a murder mystery dinner party in cooperation with an improv comedy troop where participants serve as the detectives and work together with their table to solve the crime. Attendees will enjoy an evening of surprises, laughter, and prizes.

Hooray for Hollywood will take place August 3, 2016 and tickets cost $75. Tickets for the event are not included in a season ticket subscription and require separate purchase.

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