Wet Mountain Saddle Club Encourages Youth to Preserve Western Heritage

Wet Mountain Saddle Club pic

Wet Mountain Saddle Club
Image: wmvsc.com

The former owner of hair products company Aussie, Tom Redmond leverages his experience leading Aussie to promote a new hair care business venture called Onesta Hair Care. Outside of work, Tom Redmond contributes to the Wet Mountain Saddle Club in order to support the Annual Westcliffe Stampede and Rodeo in Custer County, Colorado.

The Wet Mountain Saddle Club strives to preserve western heritage by continuing traditional lifestyles and events. In pursuit of this mission, the club engages young people in a variety of club activities.

These activities include a youth mentoring program, through which young people who would other not have the opportunity learn to ride and develop an appreciation for horses. To keep this program operational, volunteers contribute time, effort, and horses. The program is open to youth aged 8 to 19 and involves one-one-one mentorship from a mentor who offers additional riding time outside of scheduled meetings, which occur once per month.