Hooray for Hollywood Murder Mystery to Raise Funds for the WCPA

Westcliffe Center for Performing Arts  pic

Westcliffe Center for Performing Arts
Image: jonestheater.com

Aussie founder Tom Redmond launched the company’s first product in 1980 and is currently pursuing a business venture with Onesta Hair Care in Edina, Minnesota. Outside his business ventures with Aussie, Onesta, and other firms in the hair care market, Tom Redmond maintains the Wolf Spring Ranches in Colorado and donates to the Westcliffe Center for Performing Arts (WCPA). The WCPA is preparing for the Hooray for Hollywood: A Fundraiser in August.

WCPA’s Hooray for Hollywood fundraiser serves to raise funds for WCPA and Historic Jones Theater programs and productions in order to cover expenses not covered by normal ticket sales. The fundraiser will feature a murder mystery dinner party in cooperation with an improv comedy troop where participants serve as the detectives and work together with their table to solve the crime. Attendees will enjoy an evening of surprises, laughter, and prizes.

Hooray for Hollywood will take place August 3, 2016 and tickets cost $75. Tickets for the event are not included in a season ticket subscription and require separate purchase.

For additional information on the show, visit jonestheater.com.


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