Three Ways to Protect Your Hair

Aussie Hair Care pic

Aussie Hair Care

Tom Redmond of Aussie Hair Care recently created Onesta Hair Care, an all-natural approach to hair products. Tom Redmond, who founded Aussie, designed this new line of products with healthy oils and natural botanical ingredients to cleanse and style hair without damaging it. Many other brands use harmful chemicals such as parabens, propylene glycol, and synthetic dyes.

Synthetic ingredients and chemicals are not the only way to damage your hair. Follow these tips to keep your hair healthy as you go about your beauty routine.

1. Be gentle with your hairbrush. Aggressive brushing can break and damage hair. When using a hairbrush, gently brush tangles out from the ends first. Wet hair is even more susceptible to damage. Instead of brushing wet hair, use a wide toothed comb to pull out tangles.

2. Avoid heat if you can. If you often use heat to style your hair, invest in good tools and use the lowest heat setting you can manage. The finer your hair is, the less heat you should be using.

3. The sun’s UV rays can damage hair just as they damage skin. Dark hair fares better than light, but it is always best to keep exposure to a minimum. If you’re going to be in the sun for a long time, it is best to wear a hat or scarf.


Hooray for Hollywood Murder Mystery to Raise Funds for the WCPA

Westcliffe Center for Performing Arts  pic

Westcliffe Center for Performing Arts

Aussie founder Tom Redmond launched the company’s first product in 1980 and is currently pursuing a business venture with Onesta Hair Care in Edina, Minnesota. Outside his business ventures with Aussie, Onesta, and other firms in the hair care market, Tom Redmond maintains the Wolf Spring Ranches in Colorado and donates to the Westcliffe Center for Performing Arts (WCPA). The WCPA is preparing for the Hooray for Hollywood: A Fundraiser in August.

WCPA’s Hooray for Hollywood fundraiser serves to raise funds for WCPA and Historic Jones Theater programs and productions in order to cover expenses not covered by normal ticket sales. The fundraiser will feature a murder mystery dinner party in cooperation with an improv comedy troop where participants serve as the detectives and work together with their table to solve the crime. Attendees will enjoy an evening of surprises, laughter, and prizes.

Hooray for Hollywood will take place August 3, 2016 and tickets cost $75. Tickets for the event are not included in a season ticket subscription and require separate purchase.

For additional information on the show, visit

Understanding Hair Growth Cycles

Onesta Hair Care pic

Onesta Hair Care

Aussie founder Tom Redmond offers consumers healthy hair free of toxic chemicals. Tom Redford’s new line, Onesta Hair Care, is made with natural ingredients and nourishing oils.

Unlike most mammals, which grow and shed hair in a seasonal cycle, humans keep their hair for years at a time. An understanding of the hair growth cycle is an important part of managing healthy hair.

Anagen is the phase of active hair growth. Cells grow rapidly, and hair grows at a rate of about half an inch per month. Growth cycles are different for everyone, but hair generally stays in the anagen phase for two to six years. People who have shorter growth cycles often have trouble growing their hair past a certain point.

At any given time, roughly three percent of a person’s hairs are in the catagen phase, which lasts for two or three weeks. During this time hair growth stops, and the outer root sheath begins to seal around the hair’s root.

The telogen, or resting, phase comes next. For three months or more, follicles remain dormant while hair sheds naturally. Most people shed between 25 and 100 telogen hairs daily. After a hair falls out, new hair can grow in again.